Sajjad’s residence was designed for a family that comprised parents and four young and effervescent daughters. The building was designed to centrally house a courtyard that provided a protected play space for the daughters. The Nadumuttam formed the heart of the house and bound all the rooms together. It also maintained a visual connection to their neighboring ancestral property.
Building Category:
Built up Area:
4600 sqft
Ferokke, Calicut, Kerala

Design in Details

The house was done entirely in brick, bare in most areas thus allowing the building to breathe. Feroke is known for its brick and tile factory. The materials used on site therefore were locally sourced. Stone was also used in commendation to brick.
With the interplay of tactile materiality and integrated landscape, the inhabitants harmonize with nature on an intimate scale. Earth, Stone and wood form an earthy palette that blends effortlessly into the family’s lifestyle






dining capacity

[250 sqft]

kitchen area

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