Tropical Minimal – A renovation story

In the heart of Edavanna, Malppuram, Kerala, where the lush tropical landscape meets timeless tradition, a remarkable architectural transformation has taken place. A 40-year-old residence, once cloaked in shadows, has been reborn as a luminous haven of sustainable living. Embracing the essence of minimalism, this renovation celebrates the interplay of light, air, and space.

Inspired by Kerala’s vibrant culture, the design honors its heritage with clean lines, local materials, and a profusion of plant life. Large windows and strategically placed openings invite the outdoors in, suffusing the interiors with natural light and refreshing cross-ventilation.

Building Category:
Built up Area:
4600 sqft
Edavanna, Malappuram, Kerala

Design in Details

This architectural project stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of modernity and tradition, offering a sustainable, serene, and sun-kissed sanctuary in the heart of Kerala’s tropical paradise.






dining capacity

[250 sqft]

kitchen area

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